Now Available on AMAZON and at Seacoast NH/Southern Maine Bookstores: Happy Dawg Walks the Sad Man: The Remarkably Varied Adventures of a Confirmed Arts Multiple

Happy Dawg Walks the Sad Man is a thought-provoking, seriocomic romp through the author’s more than fifty years of joyful immersion in the fine and performing arts. At the Heart of Happy Dawg Walks the Sad Man are twenty wide-ranging personal essays—some engagingly thoughtful, some heartrendingly poignant, some quietly hilarious, and some about people of high character and fundamental decency who’ve made a lasting difference in his life. Altogether, they chronicle a veritable cornucopia of creative projects Bachelder has either initiated or been involved in over the years as writer, musician, visual artist, and theatre professional.

The book also includes more than eighty illustrations and nine playful, eccentric “tiny novelettes,” each written in response to drawings Bachelder did in 2008 while exploring the idea of the doodle as the fundamental vocabulary of all artists from the cradle to the grave.

The list of Bachelder’s creative experiences is remarkably long and varied. He spent three decades laboring in small-town, north-of-Boston theater companies, taking roles as a bit part actor, working as a pit orchestra musician, managing and publicizing three professional theaters, and founding his own theater for young people for which he wrote the plays and the music. Since then he’s run his own art gallery, managed a frame shop, chased live theater in London and Glasgow, founded the Seacoast Moderns (a group for abstract and experimental artists, based in the Kittery Art Association), and exhibited his multimedia artworks in galleries in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. As the Flute Guy, he’s performed solo recitals, appeared in a wide array of special events, played at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and, in 2011, traveled to the North Island town of Tauranga, New Zealand to perform at the opening reception for renowned New Zealand artist Susan Harrison-Tustain.

Happy Dawg Walks the Sad Man is now available at, and at the following Seacoast area bookstores and establishments: Baldface Books in Dover, RiverStones Custom Framing (and the Franklin Gallery) in Rochester, and, in Portsmouth, at the Discovery Center, RiveRun Bookstore, and Book and Bar.

Bachelder is currently working on his second book, Weird Anomalies: Tales Best Read in the Twilight Hours -- a collection of 15 short stories -- scheduled for release early in 2019.

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